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Tõnu Aare - vokaal, akustiline ja elektrikitarr, suupill, banjo, mandol
Ants Nuut - tromboon, tuuba, bariton, vokaal
Jaan Arder - vokaal, akustiline kitarr, mandoliin, steelguitar
Allan Jakobi - akordion, klahvpillid, vokaal
Andres Loigom - ex- vokaal, kitarr
Meelis Laido - ex-klahvpillid
Indrek Hiibus - ex-trummid
Vello Jurtom - ex-kitarr, viiul
Ivo Linna - ex- vokaal, kitarr
Vello Toomemets - ex- vokaal, viiul
Harry Kõrvits - ex-trummid
Vladimir Seripov - ex-basskitarr
Boris Leppsoo - ex-kitarr
Jaan Kirss - ex-trummid
Tarmo Pihlap /1952 - 1999/ - ex-vokaal, kitarr
Mati Nuude /1941 - 2001/ - ex-vokaal, balalaika
Taago Daniel - ex-bass
Mart Jürisalu - ex-klahvpillid
Gunnar Kriik /1952-2001/ - ex-basskitarr,klahvpillid
Argo Toomel - bass
Hillar King - ex-bass
Aleksander Vilipere /1955-2011/ - trummid, vokaal
Marek Lillemägi - trummid
Ivo Varts /1961-2013/ - ex-trummid


songs on collections
'Õunaraks' on 'Eesti pop VII'
(Melodija, 1986, LP )

'Virumaa polka' on 'Eesti pop VIII'
(Melodija, 1987, LP )

'Oo, kallim' on 'Eesti pop VIII'
(Melodija, 1987, LP )

'Matkalaul' on 'Maantee kantri '
(SALUMuusik, 1993, MC )

'Autoservice' on 'Maantee kantri'
(SALUMuusik, 1993, MC )

'Roolivelled' on 'Maantee kantri'
(SALUMuusik, 1993, MC )

'Räägi, räägi' on 'Eesti kuld'
(OK Records, 1996, CD )

'Krokodilli rock' on 'Eesti seitsmekümnendad'
(Pedro, 1999, 2CD )

'Mootorratta lugu' on 'Luunja Suvekantri 2000'
(Triip Grupp, 2000, CD MC )

'Matkalaul' on 'Eesti kaheksakümnendad'
(Pedro, 2001, 3CD )

'Aeg ei peatu' on 'Tähesadu. Episood II'
(Records, 2003, CD )

'Viimane auruvedur' on 'Rändamine'
(GO Group, 2005, CD )

'Sõber võta üles viis' on 'Eesti 70ndad'
(Pedro, 2005, 2CD )

'Sügistuuled' on 'Kõigest sits'
(Elvis, 2005, 2CD )

'Sosisuised jõulud' on 'Kõigest sits'
(Elvis, 2005, 2CD )

'See viis' on 'Eesti 70ndad'
(Pedro, 2005, 2CD )

'Peeglid' on 'Kõigest sits'
(Elvis, 2005, 2CD )

'Viimane auruvedur' on 'Rändamine'
(GO Group, 2005, CD )

'Capri saarel' on 'Eesti 70ndad'
(Pedro, 2005, 2CD )

'Juhhei' on 'Kõigest sits'
(Elvis, 2005, 2CD )

'Michelangelo' on 'Eesti 70ndad'
(Pedro, 2005, 2CD )

'Igatsus' on 'Viis + sõnad'
(Eesti Ekspressi Kirjastus, 2006, CD )

'Get On!' on 'Get On! - Estonian Tribute to Hurriganes'
(Outlaw Music, 2014, CD )

official recordings
(Melodija, 1980, LP )
(Melodija, 1981, LP )
(Melodija, 1988, LP )
Apelsin XX
(RTV, 1994, CD )
Kutse tantsule 12 - Tõnu Aare & Apelsin
(TopTen, 1999, CD )
No. 1
(Opus Est, 2003, CD )
(Records 2000, 2004, CD )
Kingseppmeistri lauluke (singel)
( ETV Täna õhtul, 29.03, 2009, CD )
Eesti Kullafond - Apelsin 30
(Top Ten, 2009, 3CD )
Stress ja sokid (singel)
(maakeeli "šokid", ETV Täna õhtul, 29.03, 2009, CD )
Siin me oleme - Tõnu Aare
(arhiiv.err.ee/vaata/siin-me-oleme-tonu-aare, 2012, CD )
Kauge hüüd
(Apelsin, 2012, CD )
Autoportree - Instrumentaalid Vol. 1
(Tõnu Aare; Pootshaak OÜ, 2015, CD )
Apelsin Kuld
(Records 2000, 2016, 3CD )

Contact information

info +372 5022771 info@apelsin.ee

The band Apelsin started in May 1974. The name of the band comes from Tõnu Aare: why not Apelsin (orange in Estonian) – good, juicy, cheerful, liked by both the young and the old and can be bought only on public holidays (such were the times in our country). The first members of the band were Tõnu Aare, Ants Nuut, Harry Kõrvits and Jaan Arder. In 1975, when Tõnu Aare had returned from military service in Siberia, Gunnar Kriik, Ivo Linna and Mati Nuude joined the band. At this point we would like to thank them and other musicians who have participated in the band during the years. The band was the smallest in 1989-1999 when the three founding members, Tõnu, Ants and Jaan performed together now and then. An exception was the 20th anniversary which was celebrated in 1994 by concerts were more members participated. For this occasion, also the first compilation CD – Apelsin XX – was released. All in all the band has released four LPs and two CDs. The last of those – Apelsin Boogie – contains mainly the best of Tõnu Aare. Apelsin owns its popularity mainly to their own songs (T. Aare, G. Kriik). Humour plays a great part in both the music and the lyrics. Most of the lyrics have been created by Ott Arder, Henno Käo and Priit Aimla. The musical motto of the band – something for everyone (or from polka to rock) – holds true also today: the band may perform on electric as well as acoustic instruments. The band got a fresh start in 1999, around the time of Apelsin’s 25th anniversary. At the moment, the members of the band are: Tõnu Aare – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, balalaika, buzuki. Ants Nuut – trombone, tuba, baritone, vocals. Aleksander Vilipere – drums, vocals. Hillar King – bass, percussion. Jaan Arder – vocal, acoustic guitar, mandolin, steel-guitar. Allan Jakobi (guest) – accordion, keyboards, vocals. Throughout the band’s history, they have toured more than one sixth of the planet. The band has been awarded numerous medals, prizes and awards. However, it is more important to make the public feel good. This is the greatest reward. Yours truly, Apelsin

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